• What is New Acropolis?

    New Acropolis is a School of Philosophy in the Classical Tradition relevant to the humanity of this current era.

    The ancient term Acropolis means the Higher City. We believe that in every moment of history, we have the opportunity to build and revive an elevated dome, a summit, a pyramid within us.

    We believe that philosophy is more than intellectual food for thought. We study and teach philosophy as a means to integrate science, arts, ethics, and metaphysics to work towards global human development.


  • Living Philosophy Course

    Living Philosophy Course

    A journey to discover and experience the profound concepts of Self, Nature and Humanity. The course provides practical tools to live with more freedom and sustained happiness. Explore the path of inner change as a key to actively navigating everyday life and contributing to building a better world.

    Introductory Class: 

    06.03.24, Wednesday, 7:30 pm

    First Class:

    13.03.24, Wednesday, 7:30 pm

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      23 August 2020

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