Eco-Life: Sustainable Eco Tote-bags

As part of the South Melbourne Market’s 2023-2027 Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the volunteers of New Acropolis transformed old T-shirts into Tote-bags.
You are welcome to use this bag and return it for re-use or bring your own bag.
You can contact us if you wish to donate old T-shirts or participate in one of our future workshops.


  • Living Philosophy Course

    Living Philosophy Course

    This unique program of Living Philosophy Course is structured into 16 weekly sessions, which complement one another. It is an opportunity to join a journey to discover and experience the more profound esoteric concepts of self, nature and humanity.

    Introductory Class: 

    09.10.23, Monday, 7:30 pm

    First Class:

    16.10.23, Monday, 7:30 pm

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