Workshop: The music within

May 27, 2017 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 2017-05-27 7:00 pm:00 2017-05-27 9:00 pm:00 Australia/Sydney Workshop: The music within New Acropolis

Music is all around us, within us and intrinsically a part of what makes us human. The universe is a symphony of energies vibrating in rhythm and harmony. Neuroscientists recognise music predating language and as a superstimulus that activates many parts of the brain, unlike any other stimuli. It has powerful effects on memory, in moving us emotionally, in therapy, in healing, and in a ceremony. The music we listen to significantly impacts on the way we view the world–it is the soundtrack to our lives.

This event will look at music through the lens of philosophy to connect to concepts such as Balance, Harmony, Muse, Rhythm, Right Tension, and more. We will explore this further through listening and participating in musical exercises and hopefully, going beyond the music and returning to the source.

Free Admission | Limited Seats
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